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How burglars usually operate


Remote1How Burglars Usually Operate

Over 28 years Security World has been called to add a security system to many homes that have already been burglarized. The Security World team always ask detailed question about how the burglars broke in and where they went in the home.

Burglars want an empty home.

Burglars often ring the door bell to make sure no one is home. People should not act like no one is home! They should go to the door, but do not open it. Call out “We’re sick, please come back another day.” People who pretend they’re not home sometimes face a burglar breaking in.

Burglars do not want neighbors to notice them.

Burglars attack front and back doors because their approach to doors is not noticed or watched closely by neighbors compared to a burglar’s approach to windows visible to neighbors. Burglars want to walk thru the fence gate or down the driveway to the back yard. Lock fence gates and driveway gates to the back yard

Which doors are the weakest?

The sliding door has the weakest lock and easiest glass to break for easy, quick entry.

Which windows do burglars usually attack?

Burglars usually attack windows that are less visible to neighbors. These are windows in the back yard behind fences or hidden behind bushes or window well windows that are totally hidden from neighbors. Burglars usually break a small hole in the glass and open the window, but sometimes a smart burglar breaks all the glass and enters through the broken glass and doesn’t open the window.

Where do burglars usually go first in a home?

Burglars usually go to the master bedroom to steal money, jewelry and guns which are usually there.

Do burglars cut telephone wires?

If they are smart, and the telephone block is clearly visible outside, they will. Put a bush in front of the telephone block or have the telephone company put it inside of the house or garage.

How can you reduce the chance of a successful burglary if the telephone line is cut?

1. Cell Radio

2. 2nd siren in attic for more outside noise

3. Internet communicator over cable wires

How do you discourage burglars from attacking your house?

By getting a system and making it known with signage. Insurance companies will give you a discount on your home owners policy because a security systems yard sign usually drives the burglar to a home without a system,

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