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IR-cctv-security-cameraVideo Monitoring Systems

Either as a stand alone system or to augment your present security system, video monitoring can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your security plan.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself when considering a camera system:

Do you want to monitor general comings and goings? Do you want to see faces, merchandise, crowds, license plates? Do you need wireless or wired CCTV security cameras? Do you need an indoor and/or outdoor CCTV camera systems? Would you benefit from an IP network camera? Do you need a 1, 2, 8 or 16 camera system? What is your budget?

Based on your video viewing needs and recording requirements, we will recommend a camera system that is most cost effective for you.

Dome Cameras
Have the advantage that it is not readily apparent where they are looking but they are best installed under an exterior overhang or interior where there is no danger from water damage.

Infra-red Cameras (see in the dark)
Provide color pictures in normal lighting conditions and black and white in total darkness.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom Cameras (remote control)

Can be programed to move form one area to another in a repeat pattern and even focus inon a human form that enters the area. These are the most expensive cameras and sometimes several fixed cameras can achieve the same goals at lower cost.

Disguised Cameras
Have advantages of not warning people that they are being recorded but lens’s are limited and they cannot see in the dark.

IP / network: IP (Internet protocol), or network cameras are another option. These cameras connect to your computer's router just like a computer or other networkable device. IP network cameras allow you to access the cameras from remote locations over the Internet. Many also give you the option of recording video directly to your computer or to a network video recorder (NVR).

Indoor Cameras
A vari-focal lens is essential to allw you to adjust the picture after installation.

Low Light
One of the most important specifications. Light levels are measured in Lux. The lower the number, the less light it will take to reproduce a clear image.

The higher the resolution number, the sharper the image will be. Low quality, entry level camera resolution is 330 lines, high resolution cameras have 400 to 600 lines.

Select a monitor that will match the resolution of your CCTV camera system and have the size relative to the quantity of cameras to be viewed.

CCTV Security Camera Cables allow you to connect your CCTV Surveillance Cameras to your VCR, DVR or PC Based DVR System with ease and reliability. Choose from either Pre-Made Power/Video Cables or Bulk-Style CCTV Power & video security camera cables to suit virtually any installation. Pre-Made CCTV Camera Power and Video Cables are great for ease of installation, the ends are already formed on the cables. We recommend systems that use these industry standard cables rather than some off the shelf systems that use light gauge wire.

HS8316-500-DVRDigital Video Recorders (DVR’s)
Your DVR is the heart of your camera security system so when you are looking for a Security DVR you need to know just a few things:

How many security cameras do you need the surveillance DVR to record?

Do you need room to grow in the future?
If so then you will need to have a few extra channels on your stand alone DVR or choose a PC-based DVR so that you can expand the unit to the right amount of surveillance cameras in the future.

How much record time will you need?
Record time is a valuable part of a surveillance DVR. We have standalone surveillance DVRs that are Linux based and pentaplex enabled (this means that you can remotely operate the CCTV DVR and watch the surveillance video without interrupting the recording process).

Do you need to view the surveillance video remotely?
If you travel frequently, then you will want to get a CCTV DVR that is network capable so that you can view the surveillance video while away. A networked CCTV digital video recorder is one of the best purchase decision you can make and will give you piece of mind while traveling.

So when are shopping keep those things in mind, because those questions will help you decide which CCTV DVR is best for you. Of course if you are still unsure, please call our 800 number and feel free to talk to a security consultant today!

phoneInternet Monitoring
Computer/Smart Phone

With unobtrusive, strategically placed home security cameras and secure Internet connectivity, you can turn your home security system to a home surveillance system and see what is happening inside your home. Also, you can control and operate your alarm system from anywhere in the world, in the most convenient and highly secure way. We offer a variety of wireless surveillance cameras suitable for different requirements and room sizes.


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