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How burglars usually operate


Once you decide what kind of security system would protect your home or business the next thing is to decide by what means your system will communicate with the monitoring station. Below is a chart that should help you with your decision making process.


Type of Communication:

Land Telephone Line:

Internet Communication:

Cell Radio Communication:


 Regular land telephone line (not internet telephone)

 Internet communicator
 High speed internet access

 Radio communicator


 Least expensive full service monitoring basic rate
 No additional equipment needed

 No phone service necessary
 Can be used as back up to phone system because cable wires are different

 No phone service necessary
 Can be used as back up to phone system because there are no wires to cut


 Phone line can be cut
 Must have land line

 Additional monitoring cost
 Additional equipment required

 Additional monitoring cost
 Additional equipment required
 Technology may be changing, new equipment may be required in the future


 As low as $15/Mo if paid 6 Mo in advance

 $2 to 8 / Mo in addition to basic monitoring rate
 Equipment and installation adds Approx. $130 - $160

 $10/Mo in addition to basic monitoring rate
 See equipment and installation below


The traditional land telephone line is used by the majority of Americans for security system communication. Security World offers basic telephone monitoring service starting at $15 dollars a month if paid every 6 months in advance. Land telephone service is relatively expensive and Americans (to save money and for convenience) are moving to digital internet or cell phones as their primary phones or their only phones.

Internet Communications

Digital internet phones have their problems. They computerize (compress) and un computerize (decompress) the voice signal and this process disrupts good security system communication. If you want your security system to communicate over the internet you must get an internet communicator: the device generally cost $130 to $160 installed and total basic internet monitoring rate varies with technologies used and is $17 to $23 dollars a month for basic burglary monitoring paid six months in advance.

You can get a special remote access internet communicator with a telephone application in which some smart cell phones and / or your computer can function as a keypad. The plus to the remote access internet monitoring is that your computer can function like a security system keypad allowing you to check your security system and arm and disarm it from anywhere you have internet access. The total cost for this remote access internet monitoring varies with technologies used and is $19 to $23 dollars a month for basic burglary monitoring paid six months in advance.

It should also be pointed out that your home internet does not usually have a provision for back up power and therefore it cannot communicate if you lose electricity. In addition, some times the internet crashes and therefore it wouldn’t be able to communicate in those cases. The plus side is that using the internet to communicate for security system alarms is so new that burglars will tend to cut a telephone line to stop the security system communication versus cutting a cable line. The monthly cost of internet monitoring is also an advantage over cell radios.

Cell Radio

Cell radios have served as an alternative and backup to land telephone security systems communications for many years, but about seven years ago the government turned off the radio frequency used by all cell radios in operation and as a result every cell radio user had to buy a new cell radio which was expensive and frustrating to all. There is some concern that with the current introduction of the new 4G cell frequencies that the government, in the next three to five years, will turn off the analog frequencies used by the current cell radios and go to an all digital system in the same way they did for TV signals. In light of this Security World Inc. wants to inform you that current cell radio users may be forced to buy new cell radios, perhaps as soon as in the next 3 to 5 years.

The cell radio monitoring is an extra $10 dollars a month for a total of $25 dollars a month and the communicator you purchase has two options, either limited data or full data. Limited data radios are less expensive (generally approximately $50 less than a full data) but do not communicate low battery signals and duress signals. Be sure to know what kind of radio you are buying. Your radio should also send a daily communication test signal to insure everything is working properly. The basic limited data cell radio is $130 dollars for purchase and installation (Full data is $180 installed).


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