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System Design

AptHomeBusiness1With a monitored security system, insurance companies give you a discount for your homeowner’s insurance because they know that a legitimate security system yard sign and window stickers drive the burglar to the home without a system. The two main types of security systems are: a local alarm and a monitored system. Local alarms are designed to make a lot of noise to help scare off a potential intruder.

A security monitored system with 24 hour monitoring doesn’t just make a lot of noise, it sends an emergency signal to a monitoring center so that the police, fire, or medical people can respond in case of an alarm. Another benefit of having a monitored home security system is that it usually will qualify you for savings of 10 20% discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

Here’s a list of things to think about when considering a security system:

1. Why do I want a security system? Personal safety or protection for my home when I’m gone.

2. If personal safety is your primary concern, then you probably want a wireless panic button that is always on and you carry with you always.

3. If personal safety is your primary concern, you will want more perimeter sensors like doors and windows opening sensors and glass breakage. The high risk windows are rear and side. Very few window break ins in the front if visible to neighbors.

4. If asset protection is your primary concern, you can get by with doors opening sensors and motion sensors in key asset areas. One motion should be in master bedroom, because burglars go there first looking for jewelry, money, and guns. That motion is turned off when you’re home.

5. Can the system help protect you against fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, household flooding, and other dangers, as well as burglary?

6. Is the system connected to a UL Listed, 24 hour monitoring center?

7. Does the system have a cell radio back up in case telephone line is cut? You can have telephone box moved inside the garage where it is much safer.


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